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Hello! My name is Mike and I'm the owner of THE OLDEST PRAXIS 2 MATH PREP SITE ON THE INTERNET (established 2009)! I'm here to offer you five in-depth practice exams to assist you in your quest to pass the ETS 5165 Exam. Three exams cover all topics you'll need to know for the ETS Praxis 2 5165 Math Test, and come with two additional mini lessons & practice exams on Trigonometry & Probability. You get the practice exams immediately after payment. This website doesn't need any of your personal information, and I don't require you to make a profile.


This website is run by one veteran math teacher, not a large company like most sites. The practice tests you purchase here are materials that are made by myself; a veteran math teacher who has taken and passed the 5165 test with honors (ROE PROOF). has been in business since February of 2009, making it the oldest website on the internet dedicated to helping perspective teachers pass the 5165 Praxis II Exam! Since this websites inception, I've raised the price ZERO times. It has always been $12 and will always remain $12.

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Your payment of $12, which averages to 10 cents a question and is the same price I've charged since 2009, is handled by PayPal; the #1 trusted source for all online payments. At the end of the transaction, you will be redirected to a 3-day access download link. Once downloaded, these tests are yours to keep and may be printed off at your discretion. They make a great study guide, and my assistance is available through email. Have I told you yet that I established this site in 2009 and haven't raised the price even one time?!

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Check out my sample questions and compare them with any competitor. Detailed explanations, fully worked-out solutions, and content mini-lessons are just some of the extra resources you will receive, all at a fraction of the price. To the right, you'll see examples of the detailed questions & solutions that I provide.
Want me to guarantee satisfaction? Email me right now. You'll be given a robot response from all my competitor business websites, but I will send you hand-written response immediately. Also, purchasing these tests helps keep this site alive. I offer the cheapest prep tests on the internet, but I've almost been forced out by the big dogs. I cannot compete with their ability to remain on the front page of web searches, so each purchase made keeps me alive for about another week.
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EDIT (Nov 2023): I made this website back in 2009 because there wasn't a single website out there to help anyone pass the exam. When other websites started to pop up, they started charging $20, $25, $50, etc. I stayed firm at $12, even after all these years. While I have survived all those websites, dozens of for-profit robotic-looking websites have popped up and taken their place, and now I've been pushed to the bottom of every search engine. So if you've found this site, congrats. I'm still alive and doing well and you can email me for proof. I'm not profit-driven, so your purchase simply helps keep this website alive. For how much longer? I don't know. This site used to be the #1 site for almost 10 years. I don't think it's anywhere near the top 5 pages in a google anymore. I'll continue for as long as I can, but I can feel the beginning of the end...