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About My Materials

My practice tests are very in-depth and comprehensive. Each question was carefully thought out before-hand, as every single one of the questions on my test relate entirely to the Praxis II 5165 exams themselves. I spent between 1-2 hours on each question & answer, which resulted in countless hours in creating high-quality practice exams. I focus on quality, where most other websites focus on quantity.  While that may make more money in the long run, I'm striving for customer satisfaction & quality service.


All tests are digital PDF files and available online INSTANTLY after payment. You may view them on your screen, or download and print them, whichever you prefer. They are viewable through Adobe or updated versions of Word.


The first test is 25 questions long, 6 pages of questions and 17 pages of in-depth explanations and answers. ← This is where learning takes place. It's one thing to take practice tests to prepare for this exam, but if you want to get better at the Content Knowledge exam, it's imperative that you learn from your mistakes. By offering an in-depth explanation on each and every problem, you have a better chance of learning and retaining that information for future use. I challenge you to find another website anywhere on the internet that offers full-page, detailed explanations for every single one of their practice problems!


The second test is almost exactly like the first test, with altered numbers, and some varying questions. The purpose is to give you more practice on the first 25 questions. What's the point of taking a practice exam if you don't get the practice you need? Too many websites offer practice exams, but not a second exam with similar questions to help you make sure that you know what you are doing, and that you have learned from any possible mistakes you may have made with the first exam. I want to change that by offering you a second exam to learn from.


The third test is a practice test that focuses entirely on Trigonometry. This practice test will include a full mini-lesson on Trig before you take the practice test. After that, there are 15 questions, ranging from easy to difficult, all relating to the material that I first teach you. This test also has full-length solutions, complete with diagrams and step-by-step approaches.


The fourth test is all about advanced probability. I have seen a number of tough probability questions given on the Content Knowledge exam that I aim to train you on to give you an edge. This will give you an extra 3-6 right answers on the real test alone, as long as you study from my work thoroughly.


The fifth test is a 27 question exam that is similar to the first two. It is perhaps my best work and shouldn't be attempted until you've completed the first four.


I initially made the tests because of my disgust of the other practice tests for sale elsewhere on the internet. Not only were they over-priced, but they were either too easy, or did not relate closely enough to the actual Praxis II Math Content Knowledge test itself. They also did not focus enough on the solutions in order to help those that need it. They looked as if they were thrown together just to make a quick buck. I wanted to create a practice test that would mimic the real 5165 tests made by ets as much as possible, and charge less than every one of my competitors in the process.


I am very proud of my work, and my practice tests have already helped thousands of aspiring Math teachers prepare for the real Praxis exams. I look forward to hearing testimonials once the exams are completed, and I plan on expanding these tests for as long as this website exists.