Location: 1881 Williston Road, South Burlington, VT, 05403
-- The building is white with a black sign out front that says "802 Fusion". Go to the back left of that building. We're through the tinted double doors  
Price: $15 daily for all you can play, or $500 for a yearly membership.
Games: We have up to 36 fully-working pinball machines. The games on location change frequently.
Other: BYOB. We have a fridge, lounge, live streaming via twitch (twitch.tv/ThePinballCoop), and a few arcade games on site.
Merch/Swag: Priced as low as I can make it: MERCH STORE
Contact: ThePinballCoOp@gmail.com
Hours of Operation:
Wednesdays (6-10)
: These are "league days", meaning that league players have preference over game selection before anyone else. You can still show for free play on these days, but you must be willing to yield all games to league players when needed.

Fridays (6-10): These are "fun days". League players unable to play on Wednesdays can still play their league games on Fridays, but these players must be willing to wait their turn to play needed games.

Leagues & Tournaments: (Link To Tournament Calendar)
The Pinball Co-op runs a rotating schedule of leagues between Pingolf & New England Pinball League (NEPL). One can expect up to four 8-week leagues per year, and 1 tournament a month, often on the weekends or a Monday. One needs no experience or any related skill-level to participate. Just show up and play!

Pingolf: Teams of up to 4 compete to finish objectives as quickly as possible. Lower scores are best. The season is run for 8 weeks, followed by both team and individual playoffs on the Saturday of the final week.

NEPL: Individuals are randomized into groups of four to compete in a 4-game match. The collective points earned per week for eight weeks determine your divisional ranking. Playoffs happen on a Saturday in a location TBD every season, somewhere in New England.

Who: The founders of The Pinball Co-op are Steve Daniels, Gary Watson, and Todd Baumeister. They are the pioneers who helped bring competitive and casual pinball to the state, and are a huge reason why pinball exists in Vermont today.

As of March 2021, The Pinball Co-op is run by Mike Havens, who upon taking it over moved it to a new location (next to the old one). The move accommodated 10 more games, a spacious lounge, two bar areas, a TV for live viewing, and more room to walk, stand, and play. A streaming rig has also been installed to be able to watch competitive play live or recorded at your leisure. Go to twitch.tv/ThePinballCoop to check it out!
As of July 2023 The Pinball Co-op has expanded yet again, this time back into the old room. We now accommodate 10 more games for a total of 36 pinball machines, and have cleared out the hallway area a little bit to make room for a few arcade games too.