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The testimonial section of my website is so large these days that it sucks up more than 75% of my bandwidth.  I don't care though, keep em coming.  It's fun to update the site and hear those success stories.  Want to quickly scan them?  I highlighted the important stuff in bold font.


Actual Feedback Since March 10th, 2009

Mike, I can't believe you only charge 12 bucks for these tests.  It should be 25-30, easy.  Your practice questions are SPOT ON!  I passed the Praxis II with ROE just last week and I'm SO STOKED!  There's no way I could have done it without your tests.  During the Praxis test, it felt like I was just doing your questions all over again.  I swear they stole 3-4 of your problems and just changed a few of the numbers around lol!  Anyway, thanks again.  Definitely the best resource on the internet (I bought them all) and cheapest to boot.  I don't understand why someone would go anywhere else!  -MH


Hello Mike, Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for providing such great review materials for the praxis 2 math. I took the test the first time after lots of self directed study and failed by a small margin. I broke all the classic rules for test taking. 

--Anxiety too high
--Spent too long on questions
--Got behind the clock
--Panicked guessed as time ran out
I had good fundamentals but years of not flexing abstract problem solving had cost me. I purchased the cliffnotes book and  your practice tests. Your materials knocked off that abstract problem solving rust in no time.
Took the test a second time and crushed it. 15 minutes spare for review and anxiety was non-existent.
Your the best. Mr. W


Well, I must say at first I was skeptical about buying tests from some "guy" on the Internet. However, all of the other test prep books I purchased, sites I visited, and even the practice tests from ets did not help me with the test. I took the 5161 test two times and did not pass it either time, in fact my score the second time was a point less than the first time. I never did finish the tests either. Never saw the last 5-10 problems. However, I decided after the second failing grade to purchase the five tests from I practiced with these tests the week before taking the 5161 test, and tried to stick to the timeframe given for the tests. My first time through them, not so good on timing, but as I kept practicing and retook them a second time, my timing improved. I finally took the 5161 test for a third time today. I finished with 5 minutes to spare, using that time to go back to my "marked" problems. In the end, I PASSED. Thank you for making these tests because they not only helped me with some content areas, but most importantly, with timing for taking the test. Respectfully, CR

I would certainly recommend spending the 12 bucks for the Praxis2Math. The practice on probability is worth the 12 bucks on its own. Also the questions are about caliber of the test. -Tyler (Reddit Submission)

Guess what, Michael?!  I passed!!!!!!!!  So for KS, the cut score is 152.  The score at the end of the test said 154!  I'm super excited about this, especially for not being a math major. Thank you for your materials; they were helpful and I did see some similar questions. Thanks again, -MB


Mike, I am currently working on a provisional license as a high school math teacher. I graduated 2 years ago, not realizing I wanted to enter the workforce in academia. Luckily I proved myself worthy when a local county recruited me as a summer school teacher. When I was offered a full time position for the following school year, I was ecstatic. However, I had no idea the distress that was to come. Long story short, I had FOUR DAYS to take the Praxis II Math 5161 test (and pass) in order to keep my offer letter. And boy, do I love a challenge. I began by freshening up on some calc concepts. Two days into my studying (2 days before the big day), I stumbled across your website. I took a chance and bought your package. BEST DECISION EVER. I dedicated the last two days solely on your practice tests. But I grew frustrated when I couldn’t get the correct answers on the probability portion (it’s been a while). The day of, I walked in extremely nervous, expecting to fail. The test began and I went to work. The exam was much easier than your practice exams, which is a good thing!! I was overly prepared. In the state of VA, passing is a score of 160. I was able to earn 174 (and that’s without completely finishing). I am so proud, and it’s all thanks to you. Anyone considering/planning to take the Praxis II 5161 test, please, don’t hesitate to use Mike’s practice guides. It’s so worth it! Only $12 too? WHAT A STEAL! Thank you so much again Mike. You’re awesome! -SK


Dear Mike, I wanted to thank you for how helpful your practice tests were in my preparation for the Praxis 5161. Even though I have done a significant amount of mathematics in college, you would be shocked at how little geometry practice I have had. I had very little time to prepare and take this test before my Teach For America deadline. I found your tests more helpful than the official ETS practice exams. I really appreciate the separate geometry and probability tests, and I thought having test 1 and 2 be very similar was very helpful to practice the concepts. I would recommend your tests to anyone preparing for the 5161. I wanted to email you last week to say how well done the tests were, but I figured I would make sure I passed first (which I did). Thank you again for all the work you put into these practice exams. -JJ


I wanted to let you know, after 5 failed attempts, I have finally passed Praxis 2 Math!!! I was so pleased with the tests you provided at such an affordable cost.  The stress of Praxis was really getting to me, but your tests and explanations gave me the knowledge base and confidence I needed to reach my goal.  The trig section was the best in my opinion.  It felt like I taught myself a semester worth of trig in about 45 minutes.  I still struggled with the probability section but I may never truly understand that type of math.  I have recommended you to others allready and will continue to do so.  Thanks again for everything!!! ~E


Mike- Your tests and web site in general.  - - -  great job!!!  I loved having a simple pdf file that I could download and use over and over.  The test prep Praxis offers is so limiting that I cannot even use it on my computer.  I have to make sure a windows machine at the public library is open before I can use that and I spent $50 on the **** thing.  I want to sue them for malpractice.  SO THANK YOU FOR PUTTING THESE OUT THERE AND I WOULD BUY MORE IF YOU HAD THEM. -D


I felt that the problems on your test were more in line with ETS samples than any others I saw.  I took the test this morning, and many of the problems on the test were reflected in yours!  Thank you for the help.  -S


The following email I received offered a lot of feedback. I will show his email, and in parenthesis, I will explain how his email better shaped my website:


Aloha Mike,
    Just a couple of things I'd like to point out from one teacher to another. The wording in the Monty Hall question is awkward because it makes it sound as though the choice is always given after the chooser picks the right door. (I agree, not only did I re-word this problem, but I put it at the end of my exam and called it a "bonus" problem, and replaced it with a better question relating to probability & stat).
        I believe you have good intentions, but I think you should be more specific and accurate in describing what you offer so people don't expect two different complete tests as I did.  (I edited the front page to reflect that the buyer would be purchasing one test, and then a second test that is similar to the first in order for the user to practice what they learned from the first test). Mahalo, -M

The following is a reply from the same user
Hi Mike, Thanks again for the detailed explanations in your answers. .... I run a tutoring business and we do a lot of SAT, SSAT, GRE, MCAT, and TOEFL test prep, and I've never seen such a sparse offering of test preparation offerings as I have for this test. The Cliffs book has no diagrams whatsoever and assumes a graduate student level of knowledge, and that's the one that got the best reviews online. What you do offers a lot more value than that, and I wish there were more to be had, but I understand how time-consuming it must be.
Mahalo, -M


Hello Sir, Thank you for the help especially taking off your personal time to help with the matrix and ti-84. One question came from there. I passed the praxis II.  -A


Hi Mike, I just wanted to thank you! i have been preparing to take the Praxis for a while now. Tomorrow is the big day and thanks to your practice tests I feel prepared. I learn best by taking practice tests and I came across your website and saw your awesome price, even a college student can afford!! It helped me better visualize what the test is going to be like and I took advantage of all 3 practice test and the trig and probability one. the fully detailed answers helped me a lot! i feel a little more at ease. thanks so much! -SL


Hey Michael, thanks for the reply. I purchased access using PayPal. The practice questions are awesome. Upon your advice I did get an instructional book and I'm confident I can pass the exam. Math is very analytical, and fortunately for me that's how my brain works haha thanks again, and keep up the great work with the website, it's an incredibly valuable resource.  Enjoy your Thursday, -S

Hello Mike,  Your sample tests were well written and the explanations far exceed those in terms of quality and quantity compared to any other product.  Rather than being dry and boring, the explanations were written like you were talking.  I especially like the calculator steps.  I'm coming into teaching through an alternative route and when I learned math the 1st time, we didn't have graphing calculators.  I don't always know the most efficient way to get an answer.  I used to be in corporate training and developed curriculum and assessments. The ability to write a quality question takes time, effort and skill. The guideline is that it should take 1 to 3 hours to write each item. Thank you for investing the time.  -J


Mike,  Thank you for all  your hard work in preparing your sample Praxis II math problems and easy to read solutions.  I'll be reviewing this over and over before the exam.  -J


(May 9th) Mike,  I haven't taken a math course since 1988.  Starting a new career as a high school math teacher and needing the Praxis II exam I found your practice test very helpful.  Some of the questions that I had gotten correct your step by step solutions showed me more elegant and faster ways to get to the correct answer.  It certainly helped me to look for alternative ways to approach problems and I am sure will save me valuable time in the test.  -D    FOLLOW UP (July 14):  Mike, I passed the Praxis II mathematics.  If you recall from past email I hadn't taken a math course since 1988.  I used your test and I believe that it really helped. Thanks, -D

Hi Mike, I bought your practice questions last night. I have to say these questions are very thorough, answers are explicit and much better than the official ETS study guide practice test. I am trying to find as many practice exams as I can and would rate yours with 5star. Please let me know if you come up with some more like these. Thanks,  -K


Overall, I thought it was a good test.  It picked up a couple of areas that I need to review.  I am taking the Praxis II in June and plan on reviewing yours again after more studying.  The questions are harder than the Praxis II study material which is a good thing!!  Hopefully, I will ace this test! Thanks, -L


Thank you for making a cost-effective resource.  -S


Thanks Mike!  I appreciate your dedication to quality.  I have enjoyed working through your tests.  Your problems are relevent and they have shown me where my weak areas are.  You not only show us the answer, but you teach us the various processes to get that final answer.  It's not just practice, it's a learning experience that is fun.  Thank You!  -S


Thanks for your wonderful study tests.  I passed with a 183!  -L


Hello!  I just finished going through the very first of your practice tests and want to say your explanations for each questions is awesome. Very easy to read and understand. I love that you show and explain multiple ways of approaching a problem. Again thanks! -M

Thanks Mike, I really appreciate that. The first test I took was great by the way, much better than the books I bought with, and this is worth any price, MUCH CLEARER AND IN-DEPTH SOLUTIONS. Thank you. -M


Mike, Thanks so much for putting together this practice test. I just took it and it really showed me what I know and what I still need to work on! It has been very helpful to review the topics, and also to see different approaches to solving some problems, some of which I hadn’t seen before. Thanks again, -J


Mike, I recently purchased both your practice tests . . .thanks! They have been a great study aid.  Thanks again for the tests,  I am very thankful for all the work you did putting them together.  -P


I have taken the Praxis II twice recently and these are really helpful questions...particularly the Trig portion.  I felt that I was the only one with Trig issues...your tutorial made it so easy!!! -S


Thank you for the response. I have accessed the practice tests purchased and believe these more closely reflect the difficulty of material I've seen on the real tests. Your explanations are fantastic! And your pricing is great!  I'll be sure and let you know the outcome.   -R


These questions will help me tremendously on my test!   -K


Michael, I just got my test scores today and wanted to let you know. Your practice exams were a huge help. I needed to score 147 to pass and scored a 160, just short of the Recognition of Excellence award. Your questions were definitely in line with the actual practice test and your explanations helped me gain a deeper understanding of the material. Thank you! - L


Hi, I passed the praxis yesterday! Thank you for your excellent review materials. The probability and trig reviews were awesome. I would definitely have paid for reviews on other topics. Your explanations are clear and amusing. I wish I had found your tests earlier. -V


Hi Mike, Thanks so much for your practice tests that I purchased.  They are very reasonably priced.  In this day and age of low teacher wages (especially here in NC), and high testing fees ($210 just to sign up for 61 and 65), your prep materials are much appreciated! -T


(Someone had trouble paying me because of financial reasons, SO:)  Mike: Ok, I promise I will keep this e-mail down.  Sorry, about that.  First, that response was really fast. Not only do you keep your word in terms of your response time stated on your website, but, "HOLY GOSH, BATMAN, You gave me the exams for free on top of that" !!!!!    You better believe, I'm going to spread the word about your website.  I was just in Barnes and Nobles looking for some study material and met 2 other aspiring teachers. I immediately told them about your website and asked that they spread the word to tell their friends.  I believe in God, so, I will continue to put my trust in him to work it out.  God has already answered my prayers with you helping me out this way.  I offer a prayer for your continued success in all you do.  Thank you soooooooo very much for giving me these exams.  You are a non-profit company, so I know this was a generous donation.  I do appreciate it.   There are people like me out there search and searching for help from wizards like you.  Ok, I'll stop.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Definitely, after you finish your new exam in August.  -J


Mike, I recently purchased both your practice tests . . .thanks! They have been a great study aid.  Thanks again for the tests,  I am very thankful for all the work you did putting them together.  -P


I have now completed (the test I bought from you) and was very happy with your problems. By far, they had the best explanations of any sample text questions I have tried. Sometimes I got the correct answer but I found that the way you did the problem was more simple and direct. If you develop more problems let me know. Thanks. -G


Praxis quality questions at just a fraction of the price.  -D


Mike- Thank you for providing such a fine set of practice tests for such a decent price. I've been looking through what free resources I could find, but the opportunity to work though a complete test with a good review of the answers has helped me feel much more prepared.  Thank you again for providing an inexpensive practice test. I learned/recalled some significant points.  With thanks and warm regards, -J


Congratulations on your wedding!  Thank you for the response.  I have accessed the practice tests purchased and believe these more closely reflect the difficulty of material I've seen on the real tests. Your explanations are fantastic! And your pricing is great!  I'll be sure and let you know the outcome.  -R


Thank you so much. I used your website and passed my 5161 test on my first try. Your site is just awesome! -Z


Mike - I have just finished going through the first exam, and I (knock wood) did better than I thought I would.  The exam was also helpful at pinpointing my weaknesses (which I sort of already knew), so it will help me study.   So thanks again for developing the test.  -W


Email me when you make another!!!  -K


Hi Mike!  I recently purchased your two practice texts for the Praxis 2.  First and foremost, thank you for putting together these tests and very detailed answers.  They have been awesome!  I have learned more from reading your answers than from any other kind of study I have tried.  Thank you!    -S


Dear Mike, Thank you so much for your wonderful site. I will be taking the November 14th praxis and hope that your tests will be of help. If you have any other resources I would be more than willing to purchase them from you. Any advice would be much appeciated. I have referred many people to you and will continue to do so.  Thanks  -T


Hello Mike, I just purchased your tests online and from what I can see, they are going to be a great help!  -T


Mike, Just wanted to let you know that I got a 166 on my PRAXIS II Content Knowledge!  I'm thrilled!  Your tests were invaluable to helping me achieve this, thank you!  -K


Mike, Thanks for this service.  It is the best and cheapest tests that I could find online.  Quite a Christmas present to myself to relieve me of some stress before the early January test.  Thanks, -J


Hi Mike -  I am very glad to have come across your website and just purchased the practice exams.  The sample questions were great - challenging but do-able, so I feel somewhat more confident that I will be able to adequately prepare for the content exam.  -W


Hello, Wanted to say thanks for creating such an amazing study guide. I increased about 14 points to get a passing score. I think the probability and trig sections were amazing, and I think it would be amazing if there was a similar section pertaining to functions. Regards, -A, Philadelphia, Teach For America


Michael, Your practice tests helped awaken my inner-math.  I haven't taken a math course since high school (9 years ago) and using only your practice material, I received a passing score on my first attempt.  I've already recommended your website to a few other people and will continue to recommend your website to anyone aiming to pass the Mathematics Praxis exam.  Thanks! -A


Hi Mike. I have worked with a lot of the online sample Praxis tests and yours is definitely superior (and much cheaper. Too bad I found you AFTER the other ones)... (She gave a suggestion about number 12, which I will probably alter because of the suggestion!)... Anyway, thanks for the great tests. If I pass, I will toast you! Regards, -L


Hi Mike - I am very glad to have come across your website and just purchased the practice exams.  The sample questions were great - challenging but do-able, so I feel somewhat more confident that I will be able to adequately prepare for the content exam... Thanks! - W


Thank you so much.  I have been teaching geometry a long time, so I am okay with the trig.  The other tests ( and your very complete explanations) very much and just wish you had more that I could buy!  I am taking the test April 24th and am so rusty that it is causing me much anxiety!  I haven’t seen calculus in 15 years and didn’t like it then! HA!  Thanks for all your problems and let me know if you create any more. -J 


Thanks alot.  I did get a chance to save tests 1 and 2.  I'll bookmark the link this time.   I looked at test 1 so far.  The explanations are great!  I will write a review, hopefully my score will increase after working with your tests! Thanks -T


Mike: I wanted to let you know that I did pass the Math Content Knowledge test. Your tests were a BIG help. If you would like a recommendation just let me know.  -L


Hi Mike, I just completed all the problems in the probability test.  Again, love all your problems and they were fun.  Probability has always been my weak area.  Your table of equations is a life saver!  I wish I would have had your explanation of when to use which formula, YEARS AGO!  With that said, I did really well on most of the problems after reading through your tutorial.  I totally missed the last two problems, so I was thankful to have such a well written explanation for both.  Very cool bonus.  I will be putting that in my back pocket for future use.  This was an amazing tutorial and nice review for me.  I NEEDED THAT!  Thanks again!!!  I will definitely review all these notes and problems again before testing next Saturday. THANKS! -S


Hey Mike, Just finished taking test 2 of your praxis 2 practice tests... Thanks for some great problems and helping us future teachers, -B


Hi Mike,  Thanks for your excellent website Praxis2Math!!  I found your online test well worth the $12 price.  The questions you pose are very similar to the practice Praxis tests in other places but I found your answers, especially your explanations, very informative and useful. -JG


--You’re spending 110% of your time teaching but if you had any spare time I would suggest a mild updating your PDF’s..which would then make them super-excellent. e.g. in Probability, p 1 bottom, I believe the answer to the TENNESSEE problem is 3,780 not 7,560. (FIXED: July 16th, 2012)


Thanks again for your website; all in all I thought it was really well done; I commend you for putting it together!  -T [a former HS math junkie]
Below is his response after I had fixed the mistake he found and gave him the link to show that I already uploaded his testimonial within minutes:
Mike,  Man, you’re proactive.  Proactive and reliable are two of the key attributes I valued the most in my twenty-five years in the business world.  Getting it out and then fixing it is always much better than editing and editing and getting a product out late [which unfortunately is my style sometimes]. You are a credit to the Vermont teaching profession! -T


Hi again, Just wanted to tell you that all of your material is fantastic!! Not only do you break it down in detail, but you make it so much easier to understand than any of test prep books I've seen. I really cannot say thank you enough, it's clear you put a lot of time into your material and it shows you truly want to share your knowledge and help others!  Oh and by the way.. Your stuff is worth well over only $12!! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher and kind hearted human being! -J


Hey Mike, I just took the 5161 praxis on Saturday, and I just wanted to let you know your practice exams were a great help. It was my first time taking the exam, but I actually thought it was quite simple (hopefully not everyone else felt that way???). -J


I want to say thank you.  I haven't taken my Praxis II Exam yet, but about a month ago I purchased your practice exams and I found them more useful and comprehensive than anything else I took a look at.    -S


Hey Mike, I definitely didn’t study as much as I should have.  And, while I didn’t think there were enough sample questions in your tests, since the actual test is 50 questions, I barely got through them once.  Regardless, your explanations were excellent and the difficulty and types of questions were spot on. I took the practice exam that ETS posted and I’m not sure how old it is, but it seemed like your questions were more similar. Anyways, I didn’t do spectacular on the test, but I passed with a 157.  Much better than expected given the amount of time that’s passed since I’ve seen some of the material, and the procrastination!  Thanks for putting this together, not sure I would have passed without it! -N


Hello Mike, I wanted to thank you for your study material and tests. My first attempt at 5161 yielded a score of 139. I needed 147 for my state. That was before I bought your material. I studied your material and took your tests. I also watched available Youtube videos and went through the Kahn Academy subjects. My second attempt yielded a score of 157. Thanks again for sourcing your material.  -B


I had my Praxis2 5161 test this morning for my Math for America application, and I think I did well. Your study guide helped a bunch, it's too bad I couldn't get one for the 0063!  Thanks a bunch, -R


Hi Mike, I just got my score report in for the Praxis 2 Math Content, and I'm proud to report that I received a ROE for my passing score. I took engineering math more than a decade ago and hadn't touched it since. Your resources were extremely helpful in my preparation for the exam. In fact, I felt that your practice problems were more difficult than anything I encountered on the actual test. Thanks!! -A